Nathalie du Pasquier

2018—Edition of 20
310 × 300 × 85 mm, Ceramic sculpture. Fist and cup are removable.

£1,195 BUY

‘The origin of this ceramic still life called Pugno – Italian for fist – comes from a small painting I have in my studio of a black fist that Sebastian has always liked … but I want to keep this painting … So when he asked me if I wanted to do a still life in ceramic I made a cast of the fist (which was the model for the small painting) as well as casts of the bottles. Just bottles. So Sebastian can have an original plastic robot fist in ceramic. This piece ends up being about contrast and has nothing to do with a reference to Black Power … whatever you might think.’

Nathalie du Pasquier, November 2018

Technical specification: Ceramic sculpture made of slip cast white earthenware elements. All elements are refined by hand, glazed with a matt green and glossy black glaze. This edition is produced by Bitossi Ceramiche exclusively for the Wrong Shop.